Certified Irrigation Repair Technician (CIRT)

Class includes ALL C.I.R.T. Courses 1 To 10

Upon completion of these 10 Basic Irrigation classes the technician will receive a Certified Irrigation Repair Technician Certificate, T-shirt and sew-on patch attesting that the individual is proficient in basic irrigation maintenance, troubleshooting, water management and scheduling. The certificate is recognized by the industry and can be shown to customers as a formal statement of qualification. Irrigator Tech classes can be applied toward Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). 


Class Descriptions

Course Includes ALL C.I.R.T. Courses 1 To 10

Class #1: Certified Irrigation Repair Technician (CIRT)Wire Tracking and Electrical TroubleshootingThis class teaches technicians the general skills of troubleshooting an electrical irrigation system through the use of basic electrical equipment. It includes general instruction on the function and uses of a voltage ohmmeter and shows you how to use wire-tracking equipment to locate wire faults in the field. The class goes from testing the transformer of a controller to checking the ohms of a solenoid and all other functions of testing the irrigation electrical system. Class Time Required : 4 HoursClass #2: Certified Irrigation Repair Technician (CIRT)Controller Programming, Maintenance and SchedulingAn inclusive "hands-on" approach teaching the basic steps of programming and maintaining mechanical and solid state controllers. Technicians will learn by practicing on several major brand controllers. This class is designed to make you aware of common problem solving techniques for all irrigation clocks. Class time required: 4 hours.Class #3: Certified Irrigation Repair Technician (CIRT)Valve Application, Maintenance, and RepairAnother “hands-on” class designed to make technicians aware of the numerous types of sprinkler, valve, and backflow applications. We will take you through the major elements of an irrigation system showing you what to look for in different scenarios. This class also contains a troubleshooting component where technicians will go through a complete analysis on a diaphragm type irrigation valve.Class time required: 4 hours.Class #4: Certified Irrigation Repair Technician (CIRT)Water Management Application, Maintenance, and RepairIn this class technicians will learn valuable skills to help them estimate water use and costs. By combining estimating skills and other information like local weather data, technicians can better budget for a property's watering needs. Some topics to be covered include flow sensing, weather sensing, and evapotranspiration. Class also includes nozzle sizing and water auditing and distribution. Class time required: 4 hours.Class #5: Certified Irrigation Repair Technician (CIRT)Pipe Fitting – Application, Maintenance, and RepairThe content of the class covers pipe joining, pipe repair and maintenance on multiple pipe materials including steel, PVC and copper. Techniques using couplings, reducers, flanged adapters, repair clamps and various fittings for water and sewerage systems are covered. Applications cover a wide range of sizes and include above and below ground connections (meter pits, valve boxes, etc.). Types of seals and gaskets are discussed including pressure assisted hydraulic seals and mat-type gaskets with pressure ring sealing capabilities. All projects will be pressure tested for accuracy. A short overview of NSF and AWWA standards is also included. Class time required: 4 hours.Class #6: Certified Irrigation Repair Technician (CIRT)Irrigation Field HydraulicsIrrigator Tech’s Irrigation Field Hydraulics is a comprehensive class combining hydraulic principles and irrigation theory. The class is designed to give the technician a thorough understanding of irrigation hydraulics and the various reference materials available (tables, charts, etc.). The course also includes basic calculations for pressure loss, velocity and the effect of elevation. Some information is also included on pipe and head layout, precipitation rates, zoning and irrigation scheduling.Class #7: Certified Irrigation Repair Technician (CIRT)Backflow Application, Maintenance, and RepairStudents will learn the proper techniques to repair and service backflows. Hands-on includes: disassembling backflows, reassembling, and testing for proper function. Class Time Required: 4 hoursClass #8: Certified Irrigation Repair Technician (CIRT)Master Valves Application, Maintenance, and RepairStudents will learn to properly repair and service master valves in the field. Hands-on includes: disassembling master valves, regulating master valves, and reassembling master valves. Class Time Required: 4 hoursClass #9: Certified Irrigation Repair Technician (CIRT)Basic Pump Application, Maintenance, and RepairStudents will learn about common problems with pumps and how to troubleshoot. Students will also learn how to properly service a pump in the hands-on portion of the class. Class Time Required: 4 hoursClass #10: Certified Irrigation Repair Technician (CIRT)Soldering and Brazing Application, Maintenance, and RepairAn introductory "hands on" class where each technician will learn basic soldering and brazing to plumbing standards. Areas covered will include an overview of tools and equipment used, safety, cutting tubing, cleaning, brazing and soldering copper pipe, cutting and brazing galvanized pipe. The use and advantages of various gases are also covered. Supervised practice comprises most of the class time.Class time required: 4 hoursYearly Renewal:  Certified Irrigation Repair Technician (CIRT)Certificate Renewal & Test OnlyThis is an 8 hour annual renewal for Certified Irrigation Repair Technician classes 1 Thru 10. With this annual renewal, technicians receive industry updates and are trained on new products. Keep up on your certification in order to stay ahead of your competition. *Note: Renewal class must be taken annually to maintain Irrigation Tech Certification.



  •  Length of Course: 40 Hours
  •  5 Week Course:
  •  CEU Earned: 40 CEU Credits
  •  Certificate Earned: Irrigation Repair Tech
  •  CIRT Class Manual : Required Purchased
  •  Spanish Classes Available
  •  All classes must be attended
  •  No refunds

Why Irrigator Technical Training School?

Our courses provide you with a basic easy to understand approach both in the classroom and in your field of training.  Our irrigation training program  provides you with a well recognized certification that consumers and employers recognize. Completing certification by from Irrigator Tech training program increases students' chances of becoming employed in the Irrigation and Lawn Maintenance Industry.

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