Backflow Certification Course

This is a 40 hour class requirement for certification.  These classes concentrate on hands on with the backflow devices.  The course will provide with an Irrigator Tech Binder along with a USC 10th Edition cross-connection book.  ALL CLASSES MUST BE ATTENDED to complete the forty hour requirement. The Irrigator Tech Certificate is approved and can be shown as formal statement of your class completion in order to apply for local county water authorities and or the ABPA or AWWA certifications, depending on what is required in your territories of work. 



Class Descriptions


Backflow Certification CourseABPA & AWWA ApprovedIrrigator Tech  provides for your 40 hour backflow class  Mid-West & Watts Backflow Test Kits 1/2",3/4",1",1-1/4",1-1/2"& 2  Febco , Watts, Wilkins and Conbraco  Backflow 3"& 4" Ames, Wilkins.Student also receive a  backflow guide binder  with very helpful information for study. Backflows Classes held for 5 days from 8am-4:30pm each day usually spread over a 5 week period. Upon completion of this 40 hour course Class #30 will qualify students to apply for testing with county water authorities, AWWA or ABPA. These associations’ schedules can be found on their websites. These testing fees are in addition to your class fees and are not paid to Irrigator Tech. You will send them to the corresponding associations for processing before your testing date. Yearly Renewal:  Backflow CertificationCertificate Renewal & Test OnlyThis is an 4 hour annual renewal Classes 1 Thru.10 Achieving Certified Irrigation Install requires education, training, and testing. Any company that employs certified staffing has a competitive edge in its market. Irrigator Tech Graduates are leaders in their career. With this annual renewal Installer receive industry updates and are trained on new products. Keep up on your certification in order to stay ahead of your competition . No Refunds. If you are unable to attend, you will receive a credit.



  •  Length of Course: 40 Hours
  •  5 Week Course:
  •  CEU Earned: 40 CEU Credits
  •  Certificate Earned: Backflow Certification
  •  Required Text: USC Manual of Cross
     Connection Control 10th Edition
  •  All classes must be attended
  •  No refunds

Why Irrigator Technical Training School?

Our courses provide you with a basic easy to understand approach both in the classroom and in your field of training.  Our irrigation training program  provides you with a well recognized certification that consumers and employers recognize. Completing certification by from Irrigator Tech training program increases students' chances of becoming employed in the Irrigation and Lawn Maintenance Industry.

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